Up until I was 14yrs, I was not a writer. Or rather, I was, but was unable to yet put words to paper. That is until I was given a photo from my English teacher and asked to describe the photo in the form of a poem. And ever since I have loved writing! I’ve always wanted to share this publicly, but was never quite ready to do so. It would seem I now am! I do hope you enjoy this, I am quite fond of it.

Gazing up to the heavens, what do you see?
Fires blazing lovingly across the sky
Tamed by the cool waters of the sea
Can you see the eagle soaring just beyond the reach of the hills?
Gracefully slipping between the fingers of the sky
The intense fires of the skies tenderly holding the eagle
Gentle breaths of warm air tickling the feathers of the king of the air
Look to the waters, what do you see?
Boats yearning to go, to explore
A lonely wharf reaching, reaching for the hills opposite
Water joyfully dancing beneath the warm fires of the sky
Embracing the old boats as dear friends
Whispering her secrets to them
Taking their hand and revealing the treasures hidden beneath the waves

Close your eyes and listen, what do you hear?
The rich drumbeat of the galloping stallion
Birds singing their melodies to the heavens
Can you hear the wind playing its heartsong to you?
Listen, the trees are drawing their bows along the strings of violins
Maracas shaking harmoniously with crickets in the performance
The crash of cymbals emerging from the majestic waterfalls
As they awaken to join in the symphony
Mischievous fish darting about playfully like chimes in the wind
Listen carefully; the whispers of the waters have just joined in
Above all, listen for that quiet thud, thud, thud of your heart
Beating as if a bass drum, the core of this heavenly song
The mighty orchestra of nature is in concert for you
Under the warmth of those burning fires in the skies


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