I’ve arrived!!!

Ever since my first flight, I’ve had itchy feet. I spent my 18th birthday in the Solomon Islands with two of the most amazing people on this planet, Dave and Joy. I learnt so much from that trip and them: the less people have, the more they give; look at each day with excitement; show compassion and love to all; and I have itchy feet.

Since then, I jumped the pond between New Zealand (my wonderful home), and Australia a couple of times. Each trip was so very exciting! It’s a new country to explore, new things to learn about, and new food to eat!!! But Europe has always been my goal, my heart.

And now I’m here!!!

I was greeted at Heathrow Airport by my hilarious, loud and lovable Uncle Laurie, who kindly drove us back to Wales and endured my constant exclamations of, “Wow! That’s AMAZING! Look at that tower!! Is that a castle? Is THAT a castle? Why can’t I see any castles? How do you say that in Welsh?”

By the time we arrived in the lovely village of Llangorse, I had spent over 30 hours travelling, and was exhausted, but I didn’t want to miss a thing and insisted on staying awake until my eyes were drooping and my head was heavy. That night, sleep arrived as soon as my head hit the pillow.

We had a few adventures, picking sloe berries for the family sloe gin – which, might I add, is a dangerous activity. If you get stabbed by one of the brute thorns, you wont enjoy the rest of the day. And as I’ve been living in suburbia the last few years, I’m not as coordinated as I once was trudging through mud with my “wellies” (gumboots) and pinwheeling my arms every third step. To a passerby it must’ve looked like I’d already hit the pub, then decided to go harvest berries. Classy!

Had an outing to a neighbouring town, Brecon. It is stunning! Well at least I believe so. I had an hour to myself to explore all the nooks and crannies of the town. Found a beautiful Cathedral, which is currently having restoration work done to it, little coffee shops, a few telephone boxes, many things! And it was all so exciting! A bit cold, but very exciting!

The Village of Llangorse is fantastic! It’s small, but so full of character. I decided to take a walk one day through the village, while the family were at work/school, 5 mins later… Now what? So, home to cook lunch, cosy up by the fire, and read my book! That evening, we ventured out to the pub for a family meal, the food was great, grog was awesome, and somehow my Uncle resurrected the old feud we have… who can drink more? I won and now, the villagers keep asking after me!

Soon though, my week of fun and leisure had to come to an end, and my time to move along to my new job had arrived. So, keeping true to our family flair, I missed the first train to London by mere seconds, and quite proudly I messaged everyone to tell them so! Not long after I was relaxing on the first of three trains to my new ‘home away from home’. The countryside was stunning!

Now, I am relaxing after my first week as an Au Pair for a wonderful family, and looking after their two gorgeous sprockets, in Esher, not too far from London! I’m sure I’ll be posting of many adventures to come!

So! First blog, done. Coffee cup is empty…. Need to change that!


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