You are third in the queue…

SO! Hello, hello! Me again! Sorry to keep you waiting, come along now! Quickly please, it’s time to begin!

This weekend was an amazing time of exploration and learning. I moseyed on over to the British Museum, and was thoroughly entertained by all that I saw! And yes, I did go on a hunt for anything New Zealand related in the museum. Found a couple! And may have stood in front of them, humming the national anthem to myself… We Kiwis are a proud lot.
I marveled at the statues, wondering how on earth they powered 3D printers back then? I ‘oohed and aahed’ over the ancient jewelery, imagining who would’ve worn such exquisite items, and how the molded pieces of gold would look on me. Nothing quite says, “I’m here!” like a golden cloak.
Upon entering the Egyptian area, I was utterly breathless as I realized I was looking at items that have been around since the Pyramids were built. The weapons still looked deathly, the jewelry shone so bright, sarcophagi silently watched over their mummys. I did wonder what the person would think if they knew that millions of people were viewing their mummified remains, every year. It was a teeny bit unsettling… My imagination ran away from me, and I wished it hadn’t. I like new experiences, new countries! But the idea of a mummy waddling after me as I trip over my own feet to escape it? Not so much.
I easily spent three hours hopping from one room to another, occasionally letting out a little squeal, or gasp of wonder at what I was seeing. Then my stomach chimed in and I knew I had to find food, fast, before my stomach took over and I got hangry!
After charfing down most of the food in the cafe, I was quite pleased with myself when I hailed a black taxi (in LONDON!) and experienced the joys of  grid-lock traffic, and a taxi driver who seemed to have two personalities. Kind and cheerful talking to me, suggesting I see this place and that place, blah blah. Then irate and loud as he conversed with fellow taxi drivers wondering “What the f*** is going on? Miss here needs to get to Waterloo, and they’re closing all the damn roads off!” Such fun times!

Sunday was just as fun! I learned to do some research before leaving the house and going to see a very popular art installment. Especially if it’s Remembrance Day and you’re planning on seeing the poppies at the Tower of London!
I learned that London is a city of queues. Queue to enter an elevator, queue to walk on a bridge, queue to use the toilet, queue to see the Tower, form a queue only to realize the person up front was just tying their laces, queue to get into a queue. I also found out that Londoners dislike the grey weather they so often experience, but they also dislike the sun after 5 minutes. They all begin to redden, and it ruins photo opportunities.
Though, I’ve noticed I’m taller than average. I didn’t notice it as much at home, where I was surrounded by people as tall or taller than me. But here? I can easily see over the crowd! It proved quite entertaining when dropping kids off at school, and some of the mothers aren’t much taller than their eight year olds!

Anywho, I’m jabbering now. Time to put the kettle on and have a cuppa. How do you have yours? Milk and sugar? No? Too sour to sweeten? Ok then! Here, have a biscuit…


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