Eat, shop, drink

Hey hey hey! Careful! Those cookies are straight out of the oven. No, fingers out of the bowl! Alright, you can lick the bowl once I’m finished. Now pop the kettle on, love? Have a seat, I’ll tell you a story…

I am in love with Christmas Markets! The sights, smells, sounds, they’re amazing! So many stalls selling wonderful handmade crafts, jewelry,and clothing. Intoxicating smells of spices, pulling you into their grasp, not letting you go. Hot drinks and cold drinks, coffees, teas, beer, mulled wine. It’s amazing!

Yesterday I sampled melt in your mouth pulled pork bap, cooked in a divine BBQ sauce, and topped off with coleslaw. SO good! Especially with a half pint of German Pilsner! After that, I found the best thing since Betty White became an actress. Hot, chocolate filled churros, coated in cinnamon sugar. OMG!
“How is that any better than dipping the churro into chocolate sauce?” You ask me?
Well! I understand your skepticism. Churros are divine, no two ways about it. You bite through a sweet crunchy layer of heavenly deliciousness, to find an inner layer of soft, melt in your mouth, cloudy-like ‘oh my goshness’. And dipping that whole yumminess into chocolate? MmmmmMmmm……
But now imagine this, you munch through the crunchy/sugary outer layer of heavenly deliciousness, bite through the cloudy-like ‘oh my goshness’, and then a river of hot, molten chocolate explodes everywhere! Yes, you wear some of it, yes the chocolate may drip down your chin and you wonder why you have not worn a bib today, but shit-oh-dear, my friend! You may have just eaten the best thing ever.
Aaaannnnnd now I’m hungry…

I broke away from the grasps of the market before I parted with my hard-earned cash, and gained 5 dress sizes, and meandered over to M & S. Browsing for a coat, I found one that reminded me of old Noir films, the Detective and main lady in their trench coats after solving a case. Yep, I had to get it. AND on special? AND the only one in my size? Was meant to be!
Wandered over to the fitting rooms, just to be sure, and experienced the Sisterhood of the Fitting Rooms. I put on my coat, loved it! Where was my agent? Oh right, not a movie star. Ha! Stepped out of my stall to see it properly in the floor-ceiling mirror and was asked by another woman, “Could you help me zip this dress?”
“Sure thing. Love the colour!”
“Thank you! LOVE your coat!”
We parted ways and I happily bought my coat.

Outside again I walked around the town and was entertained by the street performers. There was a statue man (who moved THREE times while I was there)… Well I assumed he moved and was a street performer, however I was not wearing my glasses, and had consumed a few coffees…
Two incredible drummers, using pots, buckets and bins to create amazing music. And the little battles they had were fantastic!
A classical singer, so young and so talented.
A juggler/unicyclist/yoyo master, who tried to be cheery… but didn’t capture the imagination of the crowds..
Guitarists, of course! SO good.
And a marching band… Hmmm… They performed songs from the charts… with ear piercing xylophones, and quicker tempos… I’ll leave you to decide how enjoyable that was.

Stumbled across some marvelous jewelry, I may have purchased a few items. Merry Christmas, me!! Exquisite pop-up cards. Gorgeous cupcakes, it would be a shame to eat them, they’re so pretty! And the fresh produce stalls!

My word! Who needs to pay for entertainment when one of these is around? “ONE POUND A BOWL! ONE POUND A BOWL! YOU’VE NEVER SEEN TOMATOES SO SWEET! ONE POUND A BOWL!” And the cheeky stall owners next to start up, “HOW MUCH?”
Dear me! Everyone’s laughing, enjoying the sun. Yes! The sun came to the market as well!

So much fun to be had at the Christmas markets!!

Sorry, have to pop over to London, as you do…


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