Not long ago, my beautiful Pop was diagnosed with dementia. I wrote this for him a few years ago as a gift. Now I wish to share so you all can see how I see my beloved Pop…

The stage is set, curtains are drawn. An audience brimming with anticipation, silently wait for the show to begin. Suddenly, the lights go out. In the darkness the atmosphere is electric, the audience whispers excitedly, wondering what the Maestro has in store for them.

Then, as if on cue, there is silence.

The only sound is of footsteps, slowly, deliberately walking on the stage. As one, the audience looks up at the stage trying to see through the darkness to where the Maestro is.

A quiet melody begins, fingers delicately dancing across the keys with the music. Hundreds of lights dance across the drawn curtains like magical creatures flitting about, here and there, as if they are the music.

Slowly the music gets faster and faster, the lights vibrant. A twisting rainbow of colours, almost fanatic in it’s movement, moves in the dark. Louder and louder, the crescendo rises and rises. The lights soar, the audience’s eyes follow in wonder with the magic in the air.

Then… silence.

Silence as powerful as the music. No one utters a sound, completely entranced with what has and will happen tonight.

All of a sudden a light shines on the stage, and there, sitting at his beautiful grand piano, is the Maestro. He salutes the crowd, turns to his piano and begins his show. The music is graceful, dancing around the room to the joy of the audience. They listen carefully, as there are secrets to behold within the music.

As the Maestro plays, he becomes the music. Passion burning in his eyes, he plays with intensity, unparalleled by any other. Dancers float around the stage as if they are music in flesh. Cellos and quartets harmonize magnificently with the melody of the piano. Brass instruments announce the arrival of the accompanying choir. Drums pulsate throughout the auditorium. The audience barely breathes as they listen to this enchanting performance and are transported to another world.

Gradually the music begins to slow. The drums bow out, the fanfare stills, the choir and dancers disappear slowly, leaving just the quartet and the piano to carry everyone back to their seats. One by one, the quartet fade out, the cello and piano remaining, singing of their love for one another. Then the only thing the audience hears is the master’s piano, delicately, gracefully playing to the audience as the curtains draw to a close followed by the live lights, dancing across the stage. Until finally there is silence.

The only thing heard is the footsteps of the Maestro, walking across the stage…


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