Small town girl meets big city!

As a kiwi abroad, many things astound me about London. Architecture, size, noise, liveliness, etc. I enjoy many things, public transport is brilliant, diversity of nationalities is amazing, so many places to see and activities to do. And yet, there is much I miss about Paradise on Earth – AKA New Zealand.
Our laid back nature, give us a sunny afternoon, a beach, picnic and cold beers, we’ll be happy as pigs in mud. Friendliness, coming from a small town where everyone is connected in some way, it’s so very strange to walk the streets of London and never recognise faces. My family is known for always having an open door. We love it when people just “pop round for a cuppa” and end up staying for hours.
In my short time here, I’ve truly learnt I’m a small town girl. I like cities for day trips, maybe overnighters with sightseeing (not shopping, thank you very much!). And I truly do miss living by the beach.
Opening my eyes to the grey light of dawn. Rolling out of bed into my dressing gown and slippers, tip-toeing my way to the door and stepping outside. Stretching my tired muscles as I look over the bay, boats are mere shadows in the pre dawn sun, bobbing on the ever moving tide.
Trees whisper their greetings in the morning breeze that ruffles my already messy hair. Birds awaken and sing their stories for all to hear. Clouds and stars fly above, caught in the dark blanket of the night. Cars cough and start, chugging up the road, taking their charges to another day of work. The ground coated in dew drops, cold and refreshing underfoot. Shimmering and shining, a mirror reflection of the sky above.
Somewhere in the distance,  someone flips a switch, causing the giant of the sky to stir in his sleep. As he wakes, he slowly stumbles above the horizon, his light beginning to crawl across the sky.
Looking up I see stars bid me farewell for the sun has come to stay. The inky expanse begins to ripple with colours so vibrant, so warm. Indigo to magenta, magenta to red, red to gold, gold to blue. Colours reaching across the sky warmly embracing the earth. Gulls soar and call out. Tui and kereru natter and forage in the trees.  Flowers rise and greet their old friend.
Morning has arrived.
Give me that over the sounds of trains, planes, traffic and sirens any day. Though don’t get me wrong, London is a magical place where anything can and will happen! There are so many wonderful restaurants, parks, shopping areas, and quirky gems hiding in plain sight. I’ve just grown to appreciate my life in NZ even more.
Come summertime,  I’ll be moving on from my current position as an au pair, and heading to slightly greener pastures.  Back to a life of erratic hours within the hospitality world. And from there? Who knows? I plan on seeing many places. Absolute first item on my agenda will be a week (or longer) in the sunshine of Greece.
Care to join?


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